“For unto us a child is born…” Isaiah 9:6

It seems such a strange way to save the world.

Jesus came as a baby. He was born in the same manner as you and me. He wasn’t conceived in the same manner, but that’s another story for another day.

This advent season I am focusing on the different names of Jesus. Today it’s “Child.” A Child is born into this world. This Child is royalty. This Child is the Son of God. He walks street of gold. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, yet He wrapped Himself up in the form of an embryo and lived in the womb of a young peasant girl for nine months. He enterered our harsh world a helpless baby who needed to be cared for and fed from his mother’s breast.

But this is who Isaiah also entitled a Hero God. Inside this tiny Child there contained impressive power and strength, and it was enough power and strength to save the world.

It seems such a strange way to save the world.

Why would God do such a strange thing?

Why did He choose to leave mansions of glory and come and live in our neighborhood?

He traveled far to become like us to show us the great lengths God will go to touch our world. He lay His sweet head in a feed trough. There was nothing to dirty He would not touch.

He came as a Child so He could identify with our every need. He came as a Child because God so loved us.