The Way


“This is not the exit to the hotel we usually stay at. I know. I remember. That exit is past the split for 35E and 35W, and there is lots of construction around our usual hotel,” I informed Kevin as we were searching for our  hotel in Denton.

”I don’t know what to tell you Kellye. I’m just following the GPS directions that Onstar downloaded based on the address you gave them.”

”Well this just isn’t the right road. Let’s go on down the interstate to our familiar hotel,” said I making an executive decision.

As we traveled on south on I-35 E, the traffic became heavier and the road construction and road barriers closed in on us. I began to question my decision making. “Call Onstar again. Maybe they downloaded the wrong directions,” I said. The concrete barriers were making me nervous as the semi’s seemed to crowd us into them.

”Onstar give us the route to the Fairfield Inn in Denton, Texas,” Kevin instructed. “Right away Mr. Jones,” the voice on the other end was so pleasant and calm, everything I wasn’t at this point in our journey.

Again the GPS led us north past the split off and out of the congestion and the construction. “Well, I just know this is not the way to our normal hotel,” I said crossing my arms.

”Let’s just see where this takes us,” Kevin instructed.

”Arrived.” The guidance system said victoriously.

”UUUUUM, This is not our familiar, comfortable hotel, but I like it better because we are out of the congestion and construction. And the way to Landry’s is so much simpler,” I said resigning myself to the fact the Onstar did know a better way.

So many spiritual lessons to be learned from my recent trip. I wanted to go to the hotel we always stayed at while traveling to my son’s house. The route was familiar and the hotel was comfortable, but it was not the best place to stay. This section of interstate was under construction and was hard to navigate. The hotel that Onstar had first guided us to was north of the congestion and had easy access to the correct road that led to my grandsons.

Don’t we do this with God. He knows the best places for us to stay and He knows the best route to get us there. But so often we choose to head straight into congestion and construction and concrete barriers. His way heads us out of headaches and anxiety.

“Jesus answered “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 NIV.

There is no other way. There is no other route back to Our Heavenly Father. You can not circumvent this, or blaze another path for yourself. Jesus is our Onstar. He knows the way. We just need to yield to His guidance.