B4A90C1A-21B8-419A-9405-D9849DC8C971I call them pre-rest and post-rest days, and I don’t even care whether those terms can be found in Webster’s Dictionary. I’ll add them to my own. The definition – these are the days prior to and immediately after my grandsons come for a visit.

Yes I am that type of girl. I require great rest.

I tell my husband all the time, “I’m going to get up early so I can rest before I start my day.”

I know it’s a very confusing statement, but that is who I am. I don’t get up and get going. I’m just not wired like that. I like to take my mornings slow, invite Jesus to sit down with me and drink some coffee. I like to read my devotionals and my bible then pray. My days go better and I am way less cranky when I have the time to sit and reflect.

”Selah.” It’s one of my favorite words in the Bible. It appears 71 times in the book of Psalms. The meaning of Selah is uncertain but I like how some commentators believe it comes from the Hebrew word “salah.” Salah is a musical notation signifying a rest to the singers and/or instrumentalists who performed the psalms. Each time the word “Selah” appears in a Psalm, it would mean the musicians paused to take a breath or sing a cappella or just let the instruments play. The Amplified Bible adds “pause and calmly think about that” to each verse where selah appears.

That pretty much sums up how I like to start my day.

I just finished my second book, “On the Way – 40 days traveling with Jesus on the way to the cross.” As I wrote the book I felt like I was a participant of an amazing race and Jesus was my guide. The book is in the final proofing stage at the printers.

And now… Well, I am beginning my third book, “With the Love of God – 40 days abiding in the love of Jesus.”

You know how you come home from a vacation and you just need a few days to stay home and regroup before real life barges in on you? That’s exactly what this book is going to do. It’s a post-rest type of time.

In the book, “On the Way,” we journeyed with Jesus crossing in and out, and up and down the Jordan river and the hills surrounding Jerusalem in 30 A.D. during His first year of public ministry. In the book “With the Love of God” we will hit the pause button and reset.

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.” John 15:9 ESV.

I love this translation because it uses the word “abide.” It is a verb meaning to to stay in a given place, state, relation or expectancy. “Abide in my love,” Jesus says. I’m going to quit this post right now and go pause and calmly think about the “Reckless Love of God.” I’ll keep you posted on my experiences.


Only a few days left to get in on the pre-sale price of $14 for the book “On the Way.” Get your copy today. The “Amazing Race” begins soon.

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