On the Way

I texted Emily, “On the way,” as I climbed in the truck. I was meeting her at the United Ticket Counter. We were “On the Way” Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
“ON THE WAY.” Three simple words to inform people you are coming. You have some place to be. There is a final destination set for a group of people. The scenery along the way may be pleasant, the weather comfortable, and you may enjoy watching all the people who cross your path along the way to your final destination. Your escapade may be fraught with unpleasant interruptions, but the journey is not the purpose of your travel. The final destination is your endgame.
It’s the second paragraph to my new book, “On the Way.” We are each on a journey to a final destination. There are many legs and waypoints as we travel along. Emily and I are now on our second leg of this adventure. It is the beginning of a long fourteen hour flight. God is good. He gave us an empty seat in our row and we are all spread out. I am comfortable. “Thank you God for Your Provision.” Emily and I are enjoying our journey, but we can’t wait until we come to the final destination of this leg.
We want to learn to be His hands and feet to those who will cross our paths. God wants to put His heart into us so that we will love as He loves, to give His love to those forgotten, and to be their voice to tell their stories. They are the not4gotten.
“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” 2Corinthians 4:7 NIV.
We are those jars of clay. Earthen vessels made for everyday use. Nothing special. We even have a few cracks in out pots, but that is so the light of God’s love can shine through our brokenness.
God has promised to go before us and be with us at all times. He is already at work and He has set up Divine appointments for us. This week I will be writing about our adventure in Addis.
Stay tuned as we follow Jesus “On the Way” through Addis Ababa Ethiopia.