Her name means patience


Her name is Tigist. Her name means patience and her smile says it all. “She knows Jesus,“ Justin explains. God had a divine appointment for my pastor in a mud hut in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Justin was changed by this encounter. Tigist inspired his sermon this morning. She invited him into her home. She offered him Ethiopian hospitality, a coffee ceremony which signifies an honored guest. He ate her popcorn and drank her coffee. He sat in her 8x 8 foot hut on her only piece of furniture, her bed that she shared with her four year old son. She earned money by washing clothes. Jesus lives in her heart. She is surrounded by Muslims but she won’t stay silent about her Savior. She needs patience to live amongst the hostility of her environment.  Last week her 4 year old son narrowly escaped being raped. “She has nothing,” she tells Justin. “But she has Jesus so she has everything,“ she says. She doesn’t know where her next meal may come from but she makes lunch for Justin and his mother-in-law. Church can we pray for Tigist and her son?