Day 27 – Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s back to work we go

They went back to work. It is a simple sentence describing and action we all do after Christmas. My grandson told me he cried a little Christmas night because Christmas was over and he had to wait 365 days until next Christmas. I get that. I feel the same way. In fact this year I’m rebelling. I’m not taking down my Christmas decorations until we finish the book, “Through Their Eyes”. The decorations serve as a reminder for me to celebrate and to keep celebrating.

The work the shepherds did stayed the same after they had met the Christ Child. They still had to watch over their sheep by night. Predators still roamed around the camp watching for a stray lamb or ewe to pounce upon. Those stubborn sheep still had to be led away from danger. The shepherd’s work didn’t change. The way they worked did change however.

They went back to their sheep praising God and thanking Him for everything they had seen and heard. They ascribed to God all the credit that was due Him. God had done the unthinkable. He wrapped up His Only Begotten Son into the form of a newborn baby and He entered our world. The shepherds withnessed this and they were changed. How they worked changed. They didn’t go back to work with sluggish hands and feet. Their was a pep in their step because they had touched God’s Only Son.

We all go back to the ordinary after the tinsel and lights of Christmas, but when we glorify Jesus our ordinary isn’t ordinary any more.

“Lord, plant the joy of Christmas in my heart. Let it sustain me, motivate, me and move me to glorify You my whole year through”.     Page 147 “Through Their Eyes”

What can you do to keep “Joy to the World” echoing in your heart the whole year through?