Home Sweet Home – Day 2 – On the Way

That’s my son, 12 month old Landry Jones. He’s looking pretty angelic right there I gotta tell ya, but swirling behind those big brown eyes were thoughts of how to escape out of those knickers and uncomfortable hat his mom had dressed him in. Landry was born mover and a shaker. Snippets of childhood videos … Continue reading Home Sweet Home – Day 2 – On the Way

Lost and Found – Day 1

I know. I know. You don’t even have to say it. I have four of the most handsome grandsons a LaLa could ever want. I recently went with their parents to Tulsa’s “The Gathering Place.” I gotta tell you I was a little overwhelmed. The phrase, “It takes a village,” took on new meaning for … Continue reading Lost and Found – Day 1

Our never ending story

“Kellye, you do realize just because you have an empty space on the wall, you don’t have to hang a picture there.” Kevin and I spent the summer remodeling our lake house and I kinda got carried away with the decorating. There were days when amazon packages were stacked to the top of our front … Continue reading Our never ending story

Life’s messy

“What on earth did you do to your feet?” Kevin asked alarmingly. Scared, I looked down and saw they were black and blue. I immediately did a mental recollection of my day trying to remember twisting my ankle, falling, or dropping a rock on them. Then I remembered. I’m a DIY’er these days. #theyshould’venevershownme what … Continue reading Life’s messy

It’s not Pinocchio

I’ve been reading Ann Spangler’s devotional “Praying the names of God,” for years now. I connect with her writings. She paints a picture of our Risen Savior every time. As you read through the devotions, it’s like inviting Jesus to sit and have coffee with you. “When Jesus was at the table with them, he … Continue reading It’s not Pinocchio

It takes effort

Prayer, Bible reading, meditation, fasting, being silent, they are called spiritual disciplines. They take time. They take effort. It’s a sacrifice of both time and energy. In this day and age we would rather play, work, search the World Wide Web for crazy You Tube videos or other meaningless information. We would rather check in … Continue reading It takes effort